Tatjana Este is a multi-disciplinary artist working with installation, drawing, painting, sculpture and performance. Este explores themes centered on human psychology through embodied, labour intensive approaches to her chosen medium. The works developed by Este often implicate the viewer as either active participant or by immersing the viewer in large-scale installations. The scope of Este’s work reflects the deep enquiry into her own inner sense of emotion and sensibility, and acts as a cathartic remedy to underlying social and psychological conditions the artist perceives to be at play in spatial and social contexts.


Born in the former Yugoslavia, Este’s work continues to be embedded in a history of folklore, storytelling and her own personal history. This is reflected in the presence of allegorical and narrative elements pervading her installations. Furthermore, the use of narrative structures informs the temporal unfolding of her work across an exhibition space. Her work recurrently employs a refined, bold and elegant visuality that is often underlain by a latent violence, a disquieting quality expressed through tethering and her choice of materials. The duality implicit to Este’s work operates on various metaphorical, emotional and conceptual levels to generate complex spaces that consider history, time and psychological states.


Tatjana Este received a Master of Fine Arts (Hons) from Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland University, New Zealand, in 2005. Este has exhibited internationally in Australia, New Zealand, Italy and Serbia. She has been included in numerous group exhibitions and has undertaken 14 solo projects. Recent works include a solo exhibition Unfold at Counihan Gallery, Melbourne, 2019; A major installation, Blueming II, commissioned for the Biennale of Australian Art, Ballarat, 2018; Project Bound presented at Gallery Reflektor, Centre for Visual Arts, Uzice, Serbia, 2017; Blooms Of Hesperides, a solo show exhibited at Rubicon ARI, Melbourne, 2016. Este won the 2018 Biennale of Australian Art BOAA Blue Award and was a finalist in Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award, 2019 and M Collection Art Award, 2015. Her work has been acquired by a range of private and public collections through the world.

 Este lives and works in Melbourne and is a long-term artist in residence at the award winning River Studios, a space managed by Melbourne City’s Creative Spaces.





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Tatjana Este is a participant artist in the City of Melbourne's Creative Spaces program - River Studios