Triptych drawing: pencil on 640gsm Fabriano paper; Each drawing 105cm x 75cm, (framed 109cm x 79cm)

Wall installation: paper, stainless steel. Overall size: 220cm x 450cm x 15cm


The Tension Of The Soul was developed during Melbourne’s repeated and prolonged lockdowns of 2020-2021. The work contemplates questions about hidden complexities of human nature and psychological states, affected by external, societal influences.


Embodying intense emotions, the contorted, anthropomorphic forms serve as a metaphor for collective distress and anguish. The work considers notions of human perseverance and acknowledgement of suffering, in order to find meaning, strength and overcome adversity.


The tension of the soul in unhappiness, which cultivates its strength; its horror at the sight of the great destruction; its inventiveness and bravery in bearing, enduring, interpreting, exploiting unhappiness, and whatever in the way of depth, mystery, mask, spirit, cleverness, greatness the heart has been granted - has it not been granted them through suffering, through the discipline of great suffering?




Finalist, Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award, 2021.

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